About this website

Thank You!

Corfu Butterfly Conservation would like to thank the following individuals who have contributed towards the design, development and functionality of this website:

Individuals Contributions

Steve Cheshire

Steve designed and built the Corfu Butterfly Conservation website from scratch in June 2020. Most of what you now see (the site colours, the appearance, the image display, the menu system) is down to Steve. He wrote all the code for species management and record submission and implemented the mapping system supplied by Bob Foreman.

You can see more about Steve and his work at Steven Cheshire Graphic Design

Bob Foreman

One of the really significant components of this website is the mapping element; the ability for users to specify the locations of their sightings and for those butterfly/moth sightings to be viewed on a map of Corfu.

Bob developed the original mapping code for the website and helped Steve to implement it.

Ken Elsom

Since September 2023 all of the user-supplied sightings have also recorded the altitude for the location where the species were sighted, a calculation based on the Latitude/Longitude co-ordinates. This data is only visible to the website administrators but is going to be really valuable in data analysis and for the forthcoming Atlas.

Ken was responsible for this complex piece of work, for the incredible design, build and testing. He worked closely with David to help with the website implementation.

David Shearan

David has been a member of Corfu Butterfly Conservation since October 2020. He talked to Dan about taking over the website work in May 2023 and took over as webmaster in July 2023, with great assistance from Steve for the handover.

Since taking over David has made a number of enhancements to the website functionality, to the user interface and to the features available to the site administrators.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, comments about the website, or issues you have found then please use our contact form to send us a message.