Moth Species First and Last Sightings 2024

The data shown in the table below is based on verified observations of moths in 2024 submitted via this website.

To view first and last sightings from a different year, select year to view from the dropdown below and click the 'View Data' button.

Please note: Online data collection via this website began in January 2021.

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Name Genus Species First First Record by Last/latest Last Record by # Days
Southern Emperor MothSaturniapavoniella- - 
Giant Peacock MothSaturniapyri- - 
Oleander HawkmothDaphnisnerii- - 
Spurge HawkmothHyleseuphorbiae- - 
Striped HawkmothHyleslivornica- - 
Hummingbird HawkmothMacroglossumstellatarum12/01/2024Jane Barry23/02/2024Jane Barry43 days
Willowherb HawkmothProserpinusproserpina- - 
Oak HawkmothMarumbaquercus- - 
Death's Head HawkmothAcherontiaatropos- - 
Convolvulus HawkmothAgriusconvolvuli- - 
Eyed HawkmothSmerinthusocellata- - 
Elephant HawkmothDeilephilaelpenor- - 
Silver-striped HawkmothHippotioncelerio31/01/2024Jane Barry31/01/2024Jane Barry1 days

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