Moth Species First and Last Sightings 2023

The data shown in the table below is based on verified observations of butterflies in 2023 submitted via this website.

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Please note: Online data collection via this website began in January 2021.

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Name Genus Species First First Record by Last/latest Last Record by # Days
Southern Emperor Moth Saturnia pavoniella 13/03/2023 Anne Sordinas 02/05/2023 Harris Katsaros 50 days
Giant Peacock Moth Saturnia pyri 13/04/2023 Spergis 13/05/2023 Vincent Oates 30 days
Oleander Hawkmoth Daphnis nerii 22/08/2023 George Kaloyiannis 17/09/2023 George Kaloyiannis 26 days
Spurge Hawkmoth Hyles euphorbiae - - 0 days
Striped Hawkmoth Hyles livornica 26/08/2023 Will George 26/08/2023 Will George 0 days
Hummingbird Hawkmoth Macroglossum stellatarum 02/01/2023 Jane Barry 22/11/2023 Jane Barry 324 days
Willowherb Hawkmoth Proserpinus proserpina - - 0 days
Oak Hawkmoth Marumba quercus - - 0 days
Eyed Hawkmoth Smerinthus ocellata - - 0 days
Death's Head Hawkmoth Acherontia atropos 25/09/2023 Jane Barry 25/09/2023 Jane Barry 0 days
Convolvulus Hawkmoth Agrius convolvuli 19/08/2023 Richard Anslow 06/10/2023 Jane Barry 48 days