Silver-striped Hawkmoth

Hippotion celerio



Habitat Requirements

Larval Foodplants


The first known sighting of this species was by Peter Hardiman in November 2023. A friend of his had found the mysterious caterpillar several weeks before and Peter observed it at home until it hatched.

*The information provided in the tables below is based on verified sightings of the Silver-striped Hawkmoth submitted via this website since 1st January 2021.

First and Last Sightings

Year First Last/latest # Days
2023 11/11/2023 11/11/2023 0 days

Number of Observations

Year Number of observations
2023 2
2022 0
2021 0
Grand Total 2

Distribution Map

Widespread in Africa with breeding populations near the north coast. Migrants from there appear in Southern Europe and occasionally in the UK. Usually it is the second brood in autumn that migrate.

Distribution maps for this species are currently unavailable.

Flight Times for the Silver-striped Hawkmoth (2023)

The chart below shows flight data by month for 2023

Flight Times for the Silver-striped Hawkmoth (All Data)

The chart below shows flight data by month since 1st January 2021


  • Vernacular/Common Name: Silver-striped Hawkmoth
  • Family: Sphingidae ()
  • Genus: Hippotion ()
  • Species: celerio


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