The number of butterfly records per tetrad in Corfu.
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How many records are enough?

16/11/2023 Dr Dan Danahar

One way to know if we have recorded enough butterfly sightings from a site is to record daily until we don't discover any new species.

However, this assumes that we have enough volunteers to record in all the relevant locations on the island.

Even if this was the case the question then becomes: Where do we need to record next?

Thankfully, Ken Elsom (a CBC member) is a bit of a whiz kid when it comes to working with maps and so it was relatively straight forward (although no doubt time consuming) for Ken to take our records and to plot a map to show where the majority of these records have been collected.

This also shows where the least records have been collected and so we know now where we need to work over the next two years, to get a representative view of all the different butterfly populations from the entire island. If you look at the map created by Ken, it becomes very clear where we need more records from.

So if you could try to record your sightings from these areas more actively during 2024 and 2025 you will help us complete a comprehensive survey of the island.

Every record counts and the CBC committee never takes any contribution for granted.