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What does it take to start a conservation project in another country?

27/04/2021 Dr Sam Ellis

Dr Dan Danahar will show us the challenges and the joys, as he makes this presentation from Corfu in this online, lunchtime lecture at 12:30-13:15 on Wednesday 16th June 2021

Corfu Butterfly Conservation is a project initiated by island visitors, concerned residents and scientists from all over the world. Our goal is to stimulate informed interest and produce robust scientific data that can be used to influence policy and protect habitat for the benefit of Corfu's butterflies and the wider natural environment.

Our immediate aim is to record the distribution of butterflies on the island through a citizen science project called the Corfu Butterfly Survey. Ultimately, we intend to publish an atlas of Corfu Butterflies based on this information.

Dr Dan Danahar, a biodiversity educationalist, who has led a number of local initiatives within the city of Brighton & Hove (UK), will lead us through the birth and evolution of this project.

To register to attend this free lecture hosted by The Linnean Society of London, please visit The Linnean Society of London website