Mallow Skipper weekly sightings
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More bang for your buck

01/11/2023 Dr Dan Danahar

As an administrator of this site, I can now see the number of sightings per week for each species. This is different to how any member of the public who visits our website can see this data, which is expressed as the number of sightings per month. This simple change allows us a better understanding of when the butterflies are flying because, on just a visual level, it gives greater resolution to our data analysis.

For example, here is the data we have collected for the Mallow Skipper - Carcharodus alceae, during 2023. If seen per month it shows what might be peaks at the beginning of the recording season, one in the middle and one at the end. Furthermore, it also shows what might be a gradual increase in population size.

In contrast, the same data displayed per week shows four flight periods, each with a central peak and the same gradual increase in population size towards the end of the year. From this I infer that the Mallow Skipper has had at least four generations on the island this year and so we can call this a multivoltine species - a butterfly that has multiple generations per year.

Until we collected this data (with your help) and displayed it visually, no human being on the earth has ever known that the Mallow Skipper is multivoltine on Corfu.

Why not show this data to the public now? We want to make the atlas full of interesting information, never before seen? That way you really will get more bang for your buck!

Keep up the good work, all of you fabulous recorders!

Mallow Skipper monthly sightings
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