Photo taken by Ezio Zani in Italy 14th April 2021
© Ezio Zani 2021

Willowherb Hawk Moth Watch

03/05/2021 Tony Pittaway

On 19th June 2014, John Denne posted our only sighting of Proserpinus proserpina - the Willowherb Hawk moth. He photographed and filmed a caterpillar which was undoubtedly of this species.

This is one of the smallest hawkmoths and its occurrence on Corfu was quite a surprise. As you would expect this species feeds on Willowherb, which was much in evidence in John's garden when he saw the caterpillar. At this time of year minute apple green coloured eggs can be found on Willowherb having been just laid by the adults. You can also probably expect to see them again later in the summer. Please record any sightings you see of this species in the regular way, on the CBC website.

For more information on this species please see: Pittaway (author of The Hawkmoths of the Western Palalearctic).