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Welcome to Corfu Butterfly Conservation

Butterflies are a magical part of the experience of Corfu, so captivatingly portrayed in the books by my late husband, Gerald Durrell, about his childhood on this enchanting island.

We know now that butterflies and moths are a vital part of our wildlife heritage and are valuable as sensitive indicators of the health of our environment. So, given that declines in insects are now to be seen around the globe, it begs the questions; are similar trends to be found in the Corfiot butterflies? And, if so, are the butterflies of Corfu endangered?

Corfu Butterfly Conservation

Corfu Butterfly Conservation is a project initiated by concerned residents, island visitors and scientists from all over the world. Our goal is to stimulate informed interest and produce robust scientific data that can be used to influence policy and protect habitat for the benefit of Corfu’s butterflies and the wider natural environment, on which we all depend. Our immediate aim is to record the distribution of butterflies on the island, and we would be delighted if you would help us in this effort. Ultimately, we intend to publish an atlas of Corfu Butterflies based on this information.

How can you help?

We invite you to learn more about the butterflies of Corfu and to submit your sightings to the Corfu Butterfly Survey in order to create a knowledge base that will protect them for the future. Please join our Facebook page and use this website to learn more and send us your sightings.

Our vision

Our vision is one we share with Gerald Durrell, who wrote in 1988:

We hope there will be fireflies and glow-worms at night to guide you and butterflies in hedges and forests to greet you.
We hope that your dawns will be filled with an orchestra of bird song to enchant you.
We hope there will still be extraordinary creatures sharing the planet with you to enrich your lives as they have done for us.
We hope you will be grateful for having been born into such a magical world.

The Corfu Butterfly Survey will start on the 1st January 2021 and the projected end date is 31st December 2025, which would have been the centennial year since Gerald Durrell’s birth. Please join us in doing something very special for Corfu to celebrate this exceptional event!

Lee Durrell

Lee Durrell
Corfu, 7th January 2020

Please help us in our efforts to conserve Corfu’s butterflies

Corfu Butterfly Conservation (CBC) started when a few interested individuals began sharing their photos of Corfiot butterflies on Facebook. Now it is a project designed to survey the butterflies of Corfu and in our most recent international Zoom meeting (joined by 13 members of the CBC team – from Corfu and the UK) the major item on the agenda explored how our project could turn into a charitable organisation.

Although still embryonic, this project is making substantial steps towards its goals. Whilst the Covid 19 pandemic slowed our progress and forced us to relaunch the Corfu Butterfly Survey, it still gave us plenty of time to think about how this work is to develop. In addition, we have spent a lot of time applying for funding to help further our aims.

However, it is well to remember that this effort is not one that has the backing of a range of multi-national corporations, with the unlimited time and funding that would bring. All the work you see here is provided, for the most part, by volunteers who are happy to give their time free of charge, on a pro bono basis.

So, if you can’t wait to get your hands on the Corfu Butterfly Atlas please remember that to make it, we need records. Your records will be as valuable as anyone else’s in making that happen, so please help us by submitting your sightings to this website.

If for some reason you think our website could be better, please let us know by contacting us with suggestions for improvements. If you think our project could move a little faster and you are in a position to donate to our cause, please consider doing so.

This work started because a few individuals were interested in Corfu’s butterflies. Now that we are on the verge of turning this project into a charitable organisation, it becomes increasingly less about a few individuals’ dreams and more about a community’s opportunity to work together to make a positive contribution towards conserving Corfu’s butterflies and more broadly its entire natural heritage.

I guess my point is that the more we work together the more likely it is that the goals of CBC are going to be accomplished.

We invite you to join us and would love to hear from you.

Dr Dan Danahar

Dr Dan Danahar
1st January 2021

Latest Records

ID Date Recorder
8103 20/09/23 Jane Barry
8102 20/09/23 Jane Barry
8101 20/09/23 Jane Barry
8100 20/09/23 Jane Barry
8099 19/09/23 Jane Barry
8085 18/09/23 Jane Barry
8078 18/09/23 Jane Barry
8077 18/09/23 Jane Barry
8076 18/09/23 Jane Barry
8075 18/09/23 Jane Barry

Due to the sensitive nature of many species on the island of Corfu, we do not divulge location data at the present time.

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Butterfly First Sightings 2023

Name Genus / species First record Recorder
Sage Skipper Muschampia proto 30/06/2023 Jane Barry
Cardinal Argynnis pandora 18/06/2023 Tony Gould
Purple Hairstreak Favonius quercus 17/06/2023 Tony Gould
Pygmy Skipper Gegenes pumilio 16/06/2023 Tony Gould
Sloe Hairstreak Satyrium acaciae 09/06/2023 Jane Barry
Great Banded Grayling Brintesia circe 07/06/2023 Jane Barry
Eastern Rock Grayling Hipparchia syriaca 05/06/2023 David Storm
Ilex Hairstreak Satyrium ilicis 04/06/2023 Giannis Gasteratos
Lattice Brown Kirinia roxelana 27/05/2023 Konstantinos Zagkas
Two-tailed Pasha Charaxes jasius 27/05/2023 Anne Sordinas
Silver-washed Fritillary Argynnis paphia 23/05/2023 Jane Barry
White-letter Hairstreak Satyrium w_album 15/05/2023 Jane Barry
Balkan Marbled White Melanargia larissa 15/05/2023 David Shearan
Mazarine Blue Cyaniris semiargus 13/05/2023 David Shearan
Mediterranean Skipper Gegenes nostrodamus 13/05/2023 Steve Mathers
Small Blue Cupido minimus 07/05/2023 Dan Danahar
Oberthür's Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus armoricanus 06/05/2023 Jane Barry
Spotted Fritillary Melitaea didyma 06/05/2023 Judith Barnard
Lulworth Skipper Thymelicus acteon 05/05/2023 Jane Barry
Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris 05/05/2023 Jane Barry
Eastern Baton Blue Pseudophilotes vicrama 05/05/2023 Jane Barry
Large Skipper Ochlodes sylvanus 04/05/2023 )(JulieAnne
Grizzled Skipper Pyrgus malvae 27/04/2023 Brian Heasman
Hungarian Skipper Spialia orbifer 26/04/2023 Jane Barry
Southern Swallowtail Papilio alexanor 25/04/2023 Maggie Malcolm
Southern White Admiral Limenitis reducta 25/04/2023 Konstantinos Zagkas
Comma Polygonia c_album 23/04/2023 Konstantinos Zagkas
Glanville Fritillary Melitaea cinxia 19/04/2023 Jane Barry
Meadow Brown Maniola jurtina 17/04/2023 Chris Little
Eastern Orange Tip Anthocharis damone 04/04/2023 Wurzel
Southern Small White Pieris mannii 04/04/2023 Wurzel
Brimstone Gonepteryx rhamni 31/03/2023 Dan Danahar
Small Heath Coenonympha pamphilus 31/03/2023 Dan Danahar
Oriental Marbled Skipper Muschampia orientalis 30/03/2023 Dan Danahar
Green underside Blue Glaucopsyche alexis 30/03/2023 Tony Gould
Large Wall Brown Lasiommata maera 30/03/2023 Dan Danahar
Brown Argus Aricia agestis 22/03/2023 Jane Barry
Common Blue Polyommatus icarus 22/03/2023 Jane Barry
Orange-tip Anthocharis cardamines 20/03/2023 Jane Barry
Grecian Copper Lycaena ottomana 19/03/2023 Ida Dickson
Green Hairstreak Callophrys rubi 19/03/2023 Anne Sordinas
Camberwell Beauty Nymphalis antiopa 12/03/2023 Jane Barry
Green-veined White Pieris napi 09/03/2023 Jane Barry
Mallow Skipper Carcharodus alceae 01/03/2023 Jane Barry
Holly Blue Celastrina argiolus 27/02/2023 Rob Kesseler
Scarce Swallowtail Iphiclides podalirius 27/02/2023 Rob Kesseler
Wood White Leptidea sinapis 27/02/2023 Jane Barry
Southern Comma Polygonia egea 20/02/2023 Jane Barry
Eastern Dappled White Euchloe ausonia 17/02/2023 Anne Sordinas
Nettle-tree Butterfly Libythea celtis 17/02/2023 Jane Barry
Peacock Aglais io 16/02/2023 Ida Dickson
Eastern Bath White Pontia edusa 16/02/2023 Jane Barry
Swallowtail Papilio machaon 15/02/2023 Jane Barry
Small Copper Lycaena phlaeas 06/01/2023 Jane Barry
Speckled Wood Pararge aegeria 05/01/2023 Marina
Long-tailed Blue Lampides boeticus 04/01/2023 Anne Sordinas
Lang's short-tailed Blue Leptotes pirithous 04/01/2023 Marina
Wall Brown Lasiommata megera 04/01/2023 Jane Barry
Large Tortoiseshell Nymphalis polychloros 04/01/2023 Giannis Gasteratos
Large White Pieris brassicae 03/01/2023 Katerina Kyriaki
Small White Pieris rapae 02/01/2023 Jane Barry
Painted Lady Vanessa cardui 01/01/2023 Jane Barry
Clouded Yellow Colias croceus 01/01/2023 Jane Barry
Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta 01/01/2023 Konstantinos Zagkas
Cleopatra Gonepteryx cleopatra 01/01/2023 Giannis Gasteratos
Southern Festoon Zerynthia polyxena 19/02/2021 Giannis Gasteratos
Geranium Bronze Cacyreus marshalli 20/08/2019 Max Anderson
Delattin's Grayling Hipparchia volgensis 17/08/2019 Max Anderson
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Moths on the wing in September

The moth species listed below have been reported during the month of September in previous years.

Hummingbird Hawkmoth

A Brief Introduction

Find out more about Corfu Butterfly Conservation in this, our first YouTube video.

YouTube Channel

Corfu Butterfly Atlas

Corfu Butterfly AtlasCorfu Butterfly Conservation intends to use all the data generated by the five-year Corfu Butterfly Survey to produce the first truly comprehensive atlas of all the butterflies found in Corfu. This atlas will review the study of butterflies in Corfu, it will contain a key to the identification of all known species and there will be individual accounts on the autecology of each butterfly species, with up-to-date distribution maps and lavishly illustrated with a multitude of full colour photographs.

The atlas will identify the best places to watch butterflies, it will make recommendations for species and habitat conservation and we hope will influence the development of biodiversity policy to help conserve Corfu’s natural heritage. We invite you to be a part of this influential project by submitting your butterfly records on this site.


This Twitter feed is not currently working and hasn't been since early July when the Twitter organisation made changes to the rules for displaying tweets on a website.

This is a global problem which we are monitoring regularly. If a fix becomes available then tweets from Corfu Butterfly Conservation will appear here again.

Latest News


Dr Dan Danahar

Furthermore, Corfu is situated very close to the known distribution of this eastern European species...


Tony Pittaway

On 19th June 2014, John Denne posted our only sighting of Proserpinus proserpina - the Willowherb...


Dr Sam Ellis

Dr Dan Danahar will show us the challenges and the joys, as he makes this presentation from Corfu...

Corfu Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation Europe

In order to conserve butterflies effectively you need good information on where species occur. Only 55% of European countries have national schemes designed to record butterfly distribution and those without are mostly concentrated in southern and eastern Europe. Consequently, Butterfly Conservation Europe supports the establishment of new recording schemes which aim to fill those gaps.

We welcome Corfu Butterfly Conservation’s efforts to run a five-year survey of the island’s butterflies and later publish a Corfu Butterfly Atlas. Furthermore, plans to share the data widely means that the survey results will also contribute to the ongoing assessment of the status of all Europe’s butterflies.

Dr Sam Ellis
Chair, Butterfly Conservation EuropeButterfly Conservation Europe

Butterfly Conservation

Butterfly Conservation

Participating in butterfly recording schemes is one of the most effective ways members of the public can contribute to citizen science, which itself can help us understand the current status and therefore potential vulnerability of different butterfly species.

With the right training and support, butterflies can be relatively easy to identify, so potentially everyone can get involved. Corfu Butterfly Conservation does exactly that, with its informal membership - comprising of Corfiots, other Greeks, resident expats and visiting and non-visiting international contributors – that has a passion to contribute to the Corfu Butterfly Survey.

Butterfly Conservation welcomes this initiative bringing people together to record the island’s butterflies and we will support the project to enable it to realise its ambition to publish the Corfu Butterfly Atlas.

Julie Williams
Chief Executive, Butterfly ConservationButterfly Conservation


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